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Fishing Reports

This morning our open boat group saw great action with the stripers landing over 150 bass own shads and jigs. The majority of the fish were on the small size with only a few bonus fish making the cooler.

Had the Dan Bryant charter out today for their annual blackfish trip. Started off with some good life in the morning. Mainly shorts with a few keepers and sea bass mixed in. Next 2 drops were lifeless. Final drop of the day had a nice pick of keepers and shorts to 7#. Ended the day with 16 keepers.


11/12AM - Tougher fishing this morning for our open boat guys with all the boat traffic. Ran for the snag and drop bite early and wound up going 2 for 5 own unders before the traffic killed it. Took a long ride and wound up boxing our under limit and releasing another half dozen keepers on the mojos.
11/12PM - Our open boat trip saw good action early on the mojos with fish to 37" boxing our under limit and then proceeded to play catch and release with fish hitting shads and poppers.

11/13AM- This morning our open trip guys saw good action on the mojos landing around 25 keepers to 20# in tough conditions. 
11/13PM- Our open boat guys this afternoon got into some great light tackle action on shads, poppers and jigs landing right around 50 keepers for the afternoon to 42" before calling it an early afternoon.

11/14 - This morning our open boat guys saw the best fishing of the fall with bass and birds working all over the place. The guys went to work with the shads, poppers and jigs and managed to land right around 200 bass, a mix between keepers and shorts with fish up to 42 1/2", boxing our under limit and releasing all the rest.

11/15 - This morning we had the Gary Wilson charter out. Took awhile for the life to come together, but the guys worked hard and boxed their under limit to 35" and released a bunch of shorts. Went on the troll looking for some bigger fish and released another dozen keepers to 42"


Had the Steve Masiello charter out today for an extended striper trip. Started the morning off with life everywhere and the crew went to work with jigs, shads and poppers and easily boxed their under limit in minutes while releasing another 40+ keepers and shorts. With the weather improving we took a ride looking for some bigger fish. Ran into the bait and it was game on snag and drop fishing with the crew landing their limit of overs to 34# and releasing another dozen fish between 24-30# before calling it a day.


AM- This morning had the Ron Kolver charter out. Started looking for the life, but it was all scattered. Put out the mojos and found a nice body of fish that wanted to eat. Had a few doubles and triples. Wound up boxing a dozen keepers (ORL) to 23# before calling it a morning.

PM- This afternoon we had out Tim McCane and friends. Started off with the eels hoping to have the great bite we had the past few days on the tide. Unfortunately once the tide started to run, we still couldn't manage a fish. Took a ride and found some life and had a great bite. Landed 14 keepers to 23# (ORL) and 2 bonus tag fish calling it an evening right as it got dark.


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